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Natirel Skin™

Clarity Facial Oil

Clarity Facial Oil

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Description: The Clarity Scar Repair Facial Oil is highly coveted. This oil is formulated to combat hyperpigmentation, acne scars and even out skin tone.

Feature Ingredients: This formula is carefully designed to include many ingredients that target hyperpigmentation and scar reduction. Cacay Nut Oil and Onion Bulb Extract are both great for targeting hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of dark spots and scars. Organic Tamanu Oil is known to help soothe irritated skin, promote generation of new tissue and heal scars. The Plantago Leaf Extracts in this product are very efficacious at promoting the skin's natural healing process. They also have astringent and antioxidant properties making this product great for acneic skin as it helps to reduce oil and to help prevent cellular damage.

Ingredients: Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic Cacay nut Oil, Organic Babassu Oil, Organic Baobab Oil, Organic Calendula Officinalis Oil, Andiroba Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Onion Bulb Extract, Eclipta Alba Leaf Extract, Comfrey Leaf Extract, Gotu Kola Leaf Extract, Vitamin E, Chamomile Oil, Cotton Thistle, Plantago Major Leaf Extract

Directions: Apply 3 to 5 drops into your palm and rub into skin gently. If you have oily skin gently pat the oil into skin. (Always remember to perform a patch test when trying any new skincare product.)


Recommended Uses: 

After cleansing: Oils are great for sealing and locking in moisture, so it is best to use this product after washing your face. We recommend applying while skin is still damp. 

With a moisturizer: If you want to lock in the most hydration, you can use this after your moisturizer. This is especially helpful in cold climates.

With a serum: For those that use serums, you can also use this after your serum. This will help lock in all the nutrients your skin has absorbed from the serum.

Before sunscreen: If you are using this product in combination with a sunscreen, allow the oil to absorb into your skin before applying spf (sunscreen is always last).

Before makeup: You can also use this product before applying makeup. Let the oil absorb into your skin then apply makeup. This well help maintain a natural glow.

On the body: This product can also be used for the body! If you have hyperpigmentation on other parts of your body, mix a couple of drops with your body lotion or apply directly to the skin.


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